Geed Lab

Neuroplasticity and Motor Function Recovery after Stroke

Feasibility of tele-CPASS

Patients with stroke experience rapid spontaneous motor function recovery during the first few months post stroke. Intensive motor training during this period synergistically results in heightened motor recovery.

However, these early weeks post stroke also coincide with the period when patients are most likely to fall off the rehabilitation spectrum, because they have been discharged from acute/inpatient care, and are waiting to start outpatient rehabilitation. Inability to drive to a clinic, or easy access to a rehabilitation center reduces their odds of receiving the necessary rehabilitation dose.

Using our advances in accelerometry to measure meaningful upper extremity use, we are testing the feasibility to provide tele-CPASS -- intensive upper extremity motor function rehabilitation provided remotely, to individuals with stroke in rural Texas, and others less likely to receive the needed therapy post stroke.

Patients will receive 30-hrs of tele-CPASS, telerehabilitation version of an upper extremity motor intervention shown to significantly improve upper extremity motor function compared to the stroke standard of care in our prior research. We provide the necessary technology including wireless-enabled tablets to remotely communicate with us , accelerometers to quantify therapy dose and arm function recovery, and a therapy kit containing essential elements for therapy.

Would you like to help us make a change in how rehabilitation is given post stroke?
Please reach out, if 
  • You have experienced a stroke 4-months ago or less.
  • You experience some motor impairment in your arm-hand - For example, 
    • Can you open or close your hand easily? 
    • Grasp a coffee mug or glass of water? 
    • Put on a t-shirt easily by lifting your arm? 
    • Comb the hair on back of your head? 
    • If you answered "no" to any of these questions or similar activities, we can help. 
Call us on 915-747-7289 to schedule the next steps.

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